Hello everyone and thank you for joining me on a journey about cents and sense! It is my intent to increase the cents that you have in your pocket as well as educate your mind about all money matters that make sense for you and your personal journey. I plan on writing about ideas, experiences, and concepts that have been a part of my financial journey and I believe will be valuable to all of you.

My name is Evan Peterson and I have been working in finance for over 20 years now, but I started learning about money and investments much earlier on from my Dad and Grandfather. My Grandfather was a Depression era child and a self-taught multi-millionaire that learned how to save, invest, and had great success through out his career as an engineer. He taught my Dad how to invest and about economics shortly before I was born. The two of them both shared an engineering background and a hunger for making money on their own.

By the time I was a small boy, my Dad had taught me the basics of finance such as keeping a ledger and the importance of saving. Over my teenage years, he was often reminded of how good a job he did with my financial education when coming to “The Bank”; my top drawer of my dresser for a “loan” that he would then have to add to my chalkboard “ledger” for later repayment. He often commented that he taught me too well!

My professional career includes the following: wire house financial advisor, proprietary hedge fund trader, serial entrepreneur (car rental, car parts, car servicing, internet services, eBay sales, etc), Registered Investment Advisor, and other various positions through the years. Recently, I felt an urge to begin writing again and thought I might be able to help people with simple to understand blogs regarding everyday financial topics. Hence, the birth of CentsorSense.com and our future journey together! I am truly passionate about helping others and am lucky enough to be able to take time away from my wife, Ashley, and five year old son, Porter, to share some insightful financial education with all.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly via email and I thank you for supporting my passion!