More FREE money to start the year! Rakuten – cashback for everyone.

We all shop online! Why not take advantage of the fact that companies have offered up free money to do so! Rakuten is a website that allows users to browse hundreds of online stores that we all buy things from using our phones and computers. Known as a cashback site, Rakuten, provides cash back to customers who click through their links to other retailers and make purchases. The great thing about Rakuten is that it is free to use and provides cashback on almost all items one could purchase online via their partner businesses.

Here are the easy steps to go to Rakuten, sign up, and start getting free money:

1.) Go to

2.) Sign up using the link above. Make a purchase of $30 or more at one of the many Rakuten cash back stores after signing up using the above referral link above and receive a referral bonus deposited in your account after a short period of time.

3.) Cash back is generally paid out about 45 days after the previous quarter cashback is earned, ends. For example, all earned cashback during October-December 2022 is paid out on 2/15/2023.

I have used this website for several years now and have enjoyed the free money for purchases I would normally make anyway.

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