FREE $$ to Shop! No catch! Go sign up for Mr Rebates

My favorite cash back website out there is Mr. Rebates. I have been using this website for 15 years now and it is easy to navigate, pays regularly, and the customer service is stellar. Since 2008, I have collected almost $800 for buying items I normally would have anyway! Here is how it works:

1.). Go to Mr. Rebates

2.). Sign up!

3.). Search for online stores you frequent to buy items

4.) Make sure to use Mr.Rebates to link to those stores to make a purchase

5.). Return to Mr. Rebates in a day or two to see your credit in your account.

The only catch is you have to wait 90 days to receive your money and you have to have $10 cash back before receiving a check, Paypal, Venmo, or e-Giftcard. You can request your money anytime after you have $10 accumulated and ready to cash out. All money is paid within 30 days of request. Customer service is great and all email support is with a US based representative if you have any problems with the payment or crediting of cash back. In all cases, over 15 years, any issues have been resolved within a few days and account credited appropriately soon after.

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